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Breakdowns at sea?

Most engine breakdowns while ‘on the water’ are caused by fuel contamination, as you probably know!

A Full Tank?  Or a Nearly Empty Tank?
You may have been advised to either keep your tank completely full (to reduce the chance of condensation) or to leave your tank almost empty (to avoid oxidisation of the fuel).  Both options lead to contamination build-up in the fuel or the tank!

Fuel Contamination – the Problems
The contamination can be caused by a number of factors, including:

Water   -    Condensation   -   Bacterial action   -   Fungi   -   Algae   -   The ‘Fuel Bug’
Biomass build-up   -   Oxidisation   -   Ageing of the fuel

If your boat or yacht is idle for any length of time, the chances are the fuel will have deteriorated or the tank sides will show bacterial build-up, whether your tank is full or empty. Water and biomass build-up can lead to reduced engine performance, or even catastrophic breakdown at what could be a vital time for you.

The Answer
Have your fuel ‘polished’ and keep it polished on a regular basis. This is much more economical than replacing all the fuel each time there is a problem.

We visit you
We use one of our specially-designed machines to condition all the fuel in your tank. The DFC engineer visits you on site and using two feeder hoses he extracts the fuel from the bottom of the tank and returns it to the top of the tank, ensuring that all the fuel has been properly cycled through our machine.

This service is quick and simple. You don’t lose any fuel. You don’t have to pay for replacement fuel.

Storage tanks in Marinas
The comments above also apply to bulk storage tanks. Our service is quick and simple. For more details see other pages ‘What is Fuel Polishing?’ and ‘Why is it necessary?’


  • Removes the water and contaminants
  • Ensures full power in the fuel
  • Reduces filter changes
  • Reduces damage to engine parts
  • Maintains reliable performance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gives peace of mind
The machine we use to polish your fuel.
Our machine polishing the fuel in a boat.
Diesel fuel cleaning before and after picture
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